UniSoft Imaging's Check Application Program Interface

UniSoft Imaging
USEasy Check Scanner Application Program Interface

UniSoft Imaging developed an easy to use, general check scanner interface to most of the popular check scanners. Using only ten function calls and less than forty parameters, one can now control scanning, ejecting, endorsing or printing, pocket selection, and many other scanner features. Some additional features can be support using ini files.

Significant Advantages include:

Support Check Scanners include:

UniSoft Imaging is interested in supporting other scanners in the future and is willing to work with developers to support new scanners and features as needed. UniSoft Imaging wants to improve the technical support in the industry and is willing to discuss site visits and testing assistance to make long term support easier for customers.

The UniSoft Imaging USEasy Scan API is built on top of the check scanner APIs provided by the check scanner manufacturers so customers might need to set up support to get some updated low level APIs at times from the manufacturers.

Documentation and Demonstration code for C, C#, and Java is available and 10 hours of technical support comes with the standard year maintenance package. Additional hours of technical support are available for $100 per hour plus reasonable expenses if necessary. An optional socket interface is available for some programming environments.


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