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May 6, 2017

UniSoft Imaging has more time for projects and can offer significantly lower prices that other imaging software contractors because of our low overhead.

CASJ, UniSoft Imaging's partner company, has licensed over 40 million pages of photostat and/or microfilm conversion. CASJ is actively looking for partners for the west coast, Canada, Asia, and Europe. Photostats for companies and many counties in Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida have been scanned, converted to Tiff Group 4 Images, and returned to the counties as books, microfilm, and DVD's.

UniSoft Imaging recently moved to Fort Worth, Texas, from Stillwater, Oklahoma.

UniSoft Imaging sold check scanning software to Digital Check Corporation. After two years of training, we finished training DCC personal on this software.

UniSoft Imaging wrote a land record viewer for Xerox and continues to supply photostat and microfilme conversion/clean-up software to Xerox/Conduent County Government Group.

List of Previous Projects/Activities Completed for Customers